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Step up your trading activities opting for CFDs on benchmark indices. Use your expertise to reach potential new heights, leaning on the solid market players' groups and OBRinvest support. Discover the global and national economies’ oscillations with an access to optimal trading conditions.

Trade CFDs on indices

Trading specifics

Indices diversity Trade CFDs on the popular groups of companies: DAX 30, Nasdaq, FTSE 100, S&P, and many others.
Cross-platform access Access the global financial market 24/7 from a device of your choice: our terminals are compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, IOS on smartphones, PCs, and tablets.
Competitive technology Place your bids on index CFDs of your choice with one click right from the chart. Take advantage of an impressive set of handy trading tools. Stay in the news with an instant access to market updates.
Tight spreads, no hidden commission OBRinvest competitive spreads and leverage on indices CFDs allow a trader of any level to explore world markets with ease and comfort.
Dedicated customer support Dedicated customer support helps traders rectify and address any issues during their trading experience. OBRinvest customer support team puts every effort to ensure your needs are addressed in a timely and effective manner.
One-click trading speed Place your bids on indices CFDs with one click right from the chart. Never lose your time and make your moves just in time to try to win your benefit.
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Know how to trade CFDs on indices

An index encompasses either a market or a market segment. A component of an index may have major influence that can potentially impact the performance of the whole index it is a part of. However, the rest of the components in their totality may outweigh this impact. Trading CFDs on indices, you do not need to tie yourself to a particular component/separate components and place multiple bids. Going for indices, you can trade CFDs on the whole set of components at a time. Indices can also represent the country's economic powers, in which case you can try to benefit from the economic performance of the nation. Trade on a broad scale, expand your terrain with OBRinvest.

Trading indices with OBRinvest

Join OBRinvest to trade CFDs on more than 15 leading global indices from your favourite device, fully equipped with the market knowledge you need. Discover Nikkei, Dow Jones, other major indices with the OBRinvest excellent features:

  • 15+ indices to trade on
  • Tight spreads & no hidden commissions
  • Dedicated customer support team
  • Smart trading tools & market analytics
Trade indices CFDs

List of OBRinvest indices

Tradable CFDs Trading Hours (GMT + 3) Spread in points
AEX Index Future 10:05-18:40 200 BuySell
MINI-SIZE DOW Index Future 01:00-23:15 & 23:30-00:15 200 BuySell
DAX 30 Index Future 09:05-23:00 200 BuySell
Nasdaq100 Index Future 01:00-23:15 & 23:30-00:15 200 BuySell
E-MINI S&P500 Index Future 01:00-23:15 & 23:30-00:15 200 BuySell
CAC 40 Index Future 09:00-23:00 200 BuySell
FTSE 100 Index Future 10:00-23:00 200 BuySell
Nikkei 225 Index Future 00:00-23:00 200 BuySell
ASX SPI 200 Index Future 01:50-08:30 & 09:10-23:00 200 BuySell
DJ Euro Stoxx Index Future 09:00-23:00 200 BuySell
IBEX Index 35 10:00-21:00 200 BuySell
FTSE / MIB Index Future 10:00-18:40 200 BuySell
China H-Shares Index Futures 04:15-07:00 & 08:00-11:15 & 12:00-18:30 200 BuySell
Hang Seng Index Future 04:15-07:00 & 08:00-11:15 & 12:00-18:30 200 BuySell
FTSE/JSE Top 40 Index Future 09:35-18:30 200 BuySell
Tadawul All Shares Index 10:00-15:00 200 BuySell
OMXS30 Index 10:05-18:30 200 BuySell
Tel Aviv 35 Index 09:45-17:15 200 BuySell
Proshares Ultra Bloomberg Cruid OIL 16:30-23:00 200 BuySell
United States OIL LP 16:30-23:00 200 BuySell

Study financial markets within & without borders

Indices are known for high liquidity and volatility. Index can measure the performance of an asset class or its subset on the scale of a nation or a region, so the situation within the country and the changes in the international trade regulations can impact a market's performance. With this in mind, With this in mind, an experienced trader can gain exposure to indices from the price movements and from potential trading opportunities that might arise.

Trade CFDs on indices with OBRinvest in-depth analytics, no hidden commissions, tight spreads, dedicated customer support, and cutting-edge technology.

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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. The vast majority of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.