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Stock CFD trading has been enticing men of all social strata for decades. With OBRinvest, you are a couple of clicks away from the realisation of your own financial might. Storm into the leading stock exchanges of the world – NASDAQ, NYSE, London Stock Exchange, and Tokyo Stock Exchange – and be backed by cutting-edge technology and pioneering expertise from OBRinvest.

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Know the main features of stock trading

30+ assets palette OBRinvest houses more than 30 stocks for CFD trading. Explore a whole host of shares to diversify your trading portfolio.
Extensive knowledge CFD trading might seem daunting for newbies. OBRinvest shares its knowledge on stocks with first-time traders who want to become more competitive. Visit our educational hub to develop the required skills.
Zero commissions, tight spreads OBRinvest offers attractive spreads on various stocks to enter the stocks CFDs market with the utmost trading comfort and without any hidden commissions.
24/5 dedicated support In case of intricate problems that might arise in your trading activities, contact our professional support team. They will address all blocks in the most efficient way.
Cross-platform trading Keep track of all the market changes from anywhere in the world. Cutting-edge MT4 trading platform is available 24/7 from PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Make your bids from one account synchronized on all your devices.
60+ analytical tools Streamline your trading process with numerous indicator types: Japanese candlesticks, bars, or Fibonacci retracements. Wield powerful analytics tools to develop your most ambitious trading plans.
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Know how to trade CFDs on stocks

When approached in a disciplined manner, investing in the stock CFD market can be an exciting journey to the trading world. The affluent people generally have most of their wealth invested in stocks. The stock market can be described as the daytime adventure serial of the well-to-do, and it has its ups and downs. But trading stocks carries certain risks.

While trading CFDs on stocks, traders can avoid the pitfalls of owning stocks directly; CFD trading literally simplifies your life. You don’t have to invest in companies’ shares per se and buy them physically. You speculate on the price movements of stocks on the market. Grab the shares of Apple, Uber, Netflix, British Petroleum, Tesla, or Woolworths, and master the Australian Stock Exchange peaks with OBRinvest.

Trading stocks with OBRinvest

If you set ambitious trading goals, nothing can prevent you from meeting your targets. All you need is a solid trading platform to set foot in the global stock CFD markets. OBRinvest offers attractive trading conditions – tight spreads, no hidden charges, instant market updates, and one-click trading operations. A highly professional support team welcomes you at the very beginning and helps you navigate through complex trading processes.

  • 30+ stocks of top enterprises
  • 60+ groundbreaking analytical tools
  • Technologically powered trading process
  • Transactional security and transparency
Trade stock CFDs now

OBRinvest – Stock List

Tradable CFDs Description Trading Hours (GMT + 3) Spread in points
3M 3M Company. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
ADOBE Adobe Systems Incorporated, 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
AIG American International Group Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
ALCOA Alcoa Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
Alibaba Alibaba Group Holding LTD. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
ALTABA Altaba Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
ARCELOR ArcelorMittal steel 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
AMAZON Amazon Corp. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
ABBVIE AbbVie Inc 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
AMEX American Express Co. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
APHRIA Aphria Inc 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
APPLE Apple Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
Aramco Saudi Aramco 09:00-14:00 68 BuySell
ATT AT&T Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
BAIDU Baidu Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
BERKSHIRE Berkshire Hathaway B Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
BOA Bank of America Corp. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
BOEING The Boeing Co. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
BWXTECH BWX Technologies, Inc 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
CARA Cara Therapeutics 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
CAT Caterpillar Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
CHEVRON Chevron Corporation. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
CHMO China Mobile Ltd. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
CISCO Cisco Systems Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
CITI Citigroup Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
COKE The Coca-Cola Co. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
CORBUS Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holding 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
DISNEY The Walt Disney Company. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
EBAY eBay Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
EXXM Exxon Mobil Corp. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
FACEBOOK Facebook Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
FERRARI Ferrari N V. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
FIREEYE FireEye 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
FIRSTSOLAR First Solar Inc 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
GE General Electric Co. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
GM General Motors Company. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
GOLDSACHS The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
GOOGLE Google Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
GOPRO GoPro Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
GW GW Pharmaceuticals 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
HARLEY Harley-Davidson Inc, 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
HASBRO Hasbro Inc.HAS , 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
HPACK Hewlett - Packard Company. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
IBM International Business Machines Corp. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
INTEL Intel Corp. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
JNJ Johnson & Johnson. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
JPM JP Morgan Chase & Co. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
LibertyGlob LibertyGlobal 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
LYFT Lyft Inc 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
LINE LINE Corporation. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
LOCKHEED Lockheed Martin Corporation, 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
MACYS Macy’s Inc, 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
MANU Manchester United PLC. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
MCDON McDonald's Corp. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
MKSINST MKS Instruments, Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
MORGAN_STA Morgan Stanley. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
MSFT Microsoft Corp. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
Netflix Netflix Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
NIKE Nike, 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
NOKIA Nokia Corp. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
NTDOY Nintendo LTD. OTC 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
NVIDIA NVIDIA Corporation, 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
PFIZER Pfizer Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
PM Philip Morris International 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
PG Procter & Gamble Co. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
QUALCOMM Qualcomm Incorporated, 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
RAYTHEON Raytheon Company, 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
REGN Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc, 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
ROYAL Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
SBUX Starbucks Corp, 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
SCOTTS The Scotts Miracle Gro Company 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
SNAP Snapchat, 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
SONY Sony Corporation. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
SUNPOWER SunPower Corporation 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
SPOTIFY Spotify Technology S.A. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
TESLA Tesla Motors Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
TEVA Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
TLRY-NSDQ Tilray Inc 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
TME Tencent Music Entertainment. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
TOYOTA Toyota Motor Corp. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
TWITTER Twitter Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
UBER Uber Technologies, Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
UBS UBS AG. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
VERIZON Verizon Communications Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
VISA Visa Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
WMART Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
Yandex Yandex N.V. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
HERSHEY Hershey Company, 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
MA MasterCard Incorporated 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
ALLI Allianz 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
BAYER Bayer AG 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
BMW BMW 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
COMMBK Commerzbank 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
DAIM Daimler 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
DBFRA Deutsche Bank AG 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
DTELE Deutsche Telekom AG 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
EOAN E.ON SE 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
METRO Metro AG 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
VOWGEN Volkswagen AG 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
SIE Siemens Aktiengesellschaft 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
Lufthansa Deutch Lufthansa 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
ADS Adidas AG 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
DPW Deutsche Post AG 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
HEN Henkel AG & Co 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
MRK Merck KGaA 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
LIN Linde AG 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
SAP SAP SE 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
IFX Infineon Technologies AG 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
Tkag ThyssenKrupp 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
RWE-XET RWE AG 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
Aurora Aurora Cannabis Inc. SE 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
CRONOS Cronos SE 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
CSOLAR Canadian Solar Inc. 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
WEED Canopy Growth Corporation SE 16:30-23:00 68 BuySell
XIAOMI Xiaomi Inc. Hong Kong HKE 04:30-07:00 & 08:00-11:00 68 BuySell
BARCLAYS Barclays Plc London 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
B.PETROL British Petroleum London 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
HSBC HSBC Holdings London 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
MARKS Marks & Spencer Group Plc London 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
VODAFONE Vodafone Group London 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
TESCO Tesco London 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
KAZ-LON Kaz Minerals London 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
ASTON Aston Martin London 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
SOFTBANK SoftBank Group Corp Tokyo 02:00-04:30 & 05:30-08:00 68 BuySell
COTN-SWX Comet Holding AG, Swiss 10:05-18:30 68 BuySell
PETKM-IST Petkim Petrokimya Holding AS BIST 09:00-17:00 68 BuySell
ASELS-IST Aselsan Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS BIST 09:00-17:00 68 BuySell
AGL-ASX AGL Energy Limited ASX 02:00-08:00 68 BuySell
ALL-ASX Aristocrat Leisure ASX 02:00-08:00 68 BuySell
BSL-ASX Bluescope Steel Limited ASX 02:00-08:00 68 BuySell
CGF-ASX Challenger Limited ASX 02:00-08:00 68 BuySell
CTX-ASX Caltex Australia ASX 02:00-08:00 68 BuySell
CWN-ASX Crown Resorts Limited ASX 02:00-08:00 68 BuySell
ENI Eni SpA Borsa Italiana 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
FIAT Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Borsa Italiana 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
TELITA Telecom Italia S.p.A Borsa Italiana 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
UCG Unicredit Borsa Italiana 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
BSANMD Banco Santander 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
IBER Acciones Iberdrola 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
INTEX Industria De Diseno Textil 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
REPSOL Repsol 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
TELFON Telefonica 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
BBVA Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
FRTELE Orange / France Telecom 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
AIRBUS Airbus Group aerospace 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
BNP BNP Paribas banks 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
CARREFOUR Carrefour food retailers&wholesalers 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
CREDIT Credit Agricole banks 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
LOREAL L'Or?al personal products 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
MICHELIN Michelin tires 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
RENAULT Renault automobiles 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
SAFRAN Safran aerospace and defence 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
STMICROELEC STMicroelectronics semiconductors 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
LVMH LVMH SA 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
TOTAL Total 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
VALLOUREC Vallourec industrial machinery 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
VEOLIA Veolia Environnement water 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
INGA ING Greop NV 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
Heineken Heineken 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
UnileverNL Uniliever NV 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
Ahold Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell
FING Fingerprints Card 10:00-18:30 68 BuySell

Get knowledge of the past to accelerate into future

Know thy history, wise people say, and thus envision your future. Let’s get a brief bird’s eye view of a 400-year evolution of global stock markets. The first shareholder companies date back to ancient Rome. The first brokers appeared in 12th-century France. Business ventures with multiple shareholders became popular in medieval Italy, and Italian companies also were the first to issue shares. In the 13th century, Venetian bankers began to trade in government securities. The title of the world's first stock exchange deservedly goes to a roofless courtyard of seventeenth-century Amsterdam, where an active secondary market in company shares emerged. The two major companies were the Dutch East India Company and the Dutch West India Company, founded in 1602 and 1621. Nowadays, the most powerful stock exchange, a literally global one, is the New York Stock Exchange, established in 1792. Get equipped with OBRinvest know-how and experience and dive into the depths of global stock trading at the leading trading floors. We are always there for you!

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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. The vast majority of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.